Curriculum Vitae

Yanu E. Prasetyo

Ph.D.(in progress)
University of Missouri, Columbia-MO, Department of Rural Sociology
Bogor Agriculture University, Bogor-Indonesia, Department of Rural Sociology
Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta-Indonesia, Department of Sociology


Juni - August 2019






Community Survey Data Analyst


Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Graduate Research Assistant

Laboratory Assistant

Sub. Division of Dissemination and Networking

Randolph County Caring Community Partnership (RCCCP)

African Interdisciplinary Studies Hub

Deaton Scholars Program (DSP) - The Deaton Institute

Rural Sociology - University of Missouri 

Language Resources Lab - University of Missouri

Indonesian Institute of Sciences – Development Center for Appropriate Technology

Statistical Data Analysis, Community Survey, Focus Group Discussion, etc.

Documentation and media networking

Member, Coach, and Videographer

Research Assistant

Technical Assistant

Research collaboration, dissemination plan and strategies, develop AT training for farmers and entrepreneurs, grassroots innovation/innovators network

Sub. Division of Technology Transfer
Indonesian Institute of Sciences – Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Community forum for appropriate technology provider and user, cooperation and collaboration with other institution, research on renewable energy and food security in Indonesia

Indonesian Institute of Sciences – Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Research on appropriate technology development, Social engineering plan, rural surveys, appropriate technology dissemination

Coordinator of The Economic Empowerment Based on Beef Cattle Agribusiness for The Post-Migrant Workers Community in Compreng District, Subang, West Java
The Utilization of Micro Hydro Power for Community Economic-Development in Palakka, Maiwa District, South Sulawesi
Coordinator of the Diffusion and Adoption of Appropriate Technology Implementation in Subang West Java
Community Development Based on Appropriate Technology Implementation Research in Belu, East Nusa Tenggara


Community Development Based on Appropriate Technology Implementation Research in Subang, West Java
Rediscovering the Walmart Effect in Rural America: Community Vulnerability, Insecurity, and Sustainability
Universal Basic Income: History, Experimentation, and Debate


Prasetyo, Y.E and Elok W. Hidajat. 2009. Women Participation in Micro Processing of Agricultural Products: A Case Study in the Border Area of NTT-East Timor (Center for Women's Studies (PSW) UGM) – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E and Tita Irama Susilawati. 2009. Ulu-Ulu: Morality and Rationality in Water Resources Management in Rural Areas (Center for Environmental Studies, UII) – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E and Cahya Edi Wahyu Anggara. 2009. Fish farmers versus Rice Farmers: Strengthening "Social Virtues" in Water Resources Management for Rural Communities (PSL UII, August 2009) – In Indonesian Language

Hidajat, Elok W. and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2009. A Touch of Appropriate Technology for Small-Medium Enterprises (Community Empowerment Experience in Alor District, Nusa Tenggara) (BPPTK and PDII LIPI) – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E. 2009. Analysis of Appropriate Technology Diffusion for Community Empowerment: A Case Study of Lombok and Subang (BPPTK and PDII LIPI, 2009) – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E. Description of Internet Use Among Civil Servants: Special Case in Subang West Java (Telkom Polytechnic, December 18, 2009) – In Indonesian Language

Humaedi, M. Alie and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2011. One Day Advanced Writing Articles, paper workshop on "Writing Articles for Website" at the Center for Research and Technological Development of Electricity, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (P3TKEBTKE), on December 2, 2011, in Bandung) – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E. and Umi Hanifah. 2011. Community Organizing for “Desa Mandiri Energi”: A Case Study of Micro Hydro Power in Palakka, Enrekang District, South Sulawesi (Journal Community UNJ, Lab. Socio UNJ) – In Indonesian Language

Situngkir, Hokky and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2012. On Social and Economic Spheres: An Observation of the "Gantangan" Indonesian Tradition. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Prasetyo, Y.E, Deni, and Teguh Aditia Pratama. 2013. Dynamics of forest resources [crisis] management in the era of climate change, Anthology "BioCarbon Conservation, Landscape, and Local Wisdom for the Future: Integration of multidimensional thinking for sustainability", Cibodas LIPI, ISBN: 978-979-99448-9- 4 – In Indonesian Language

Prasetyo, Y.E, Wawan Agustina, & Takijah. 2015. Beef cattle traditional agribussiness practices in Indonesia: Special case in Subang, West Java. ICCIG3, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, India

Maflahah and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2016. Service Performance Measurement: Case Study of Public Satisfaction Index at the Center for Appropriate Technology Development Institution. Proceeding of IENACO National Conference – In Indonesian Language

Rukmana, Didin Dinda and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2016. Roadmap of Appropriate Technology Development Station: Analysis of Network, Actors, and Institutions, Proceeding of IENACO National Conference – In Indonesian Language

Khusnawati, Endang and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2016. Diffusion and Adoption of Appropriate Technology Implementation in Micro and Small Enterprises: Observation of IPTEKDA Project in Subang Regency. Proceeding of IENACO National Conference – In Indonesian Language

Asmara, Anugerah Yuka and Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2016. Role of Indonesian Institute of Sciences in Empowering Small-Medium Industries to Use Appropriate Technology in Villages of Subang Regency, RRPG 7th International Conference and Field Study in Malaysia 2016, At UTM Malaysia, Volume: 7

Prasetyo, Y.E. 2016. Sustainable Development in Rural Areas: Mobilizing Appropriate Technologies to Grassroots Innovation Ecosystem, RRPG 7th International Conference and Field Study in Malaysia 2016, At UTM Malaysia, Volume: 7

Prasetyo, Y.E. and Mary K. Hendrickson. 2017. Social Science Perspectives on Climate Change, Agrifood System and Food Security: Visualizing Structures and Finding the Gaps (Research Poster). Rural Sociological Society-Annual Meeting, July 27-30, 2017, OHIO

Prasetyo, Yanu Endar. 2017. From Storytelling to Social Change: The Power of Story in the Community Building (December 31, 2017). Available at SSRN:

Prasetyo, Yanu Endar. 2018. Mapping and Exploring Informal Network in Organizational and Community Leadership. Journal of Asian Rural Studies, 2(1), 37-48

Susandy, Gugyh & Yanu E. Prasetyo. 2018. Social Network and Organizational Leadership at the Higher Education Institution: A Case Study. Indonesian Journal of Sustainability Accounting and Management 3 (1)

Prasetyo, Yanu Endar. 2019. Computational Sociology: Application and Development. Jurnal Partisipatoris. University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Vol 1, No 1, pp. 65-78

Qin, H., Yanu Prasetyo, Martha Bass, Christine Sanders, Elizabeth Prentice, & Quyen Nguyen. 2019. Seeing the Forest for the Trees: A Bibliometric Analysis of Environmental and Resource Sociology. Journal Society & Natural Resources. Routledge, Tylor & Francis. 


  • Scholarship for Doctoral Degree from the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education – Republic of Indonesia (2016-2019)
  • Scholarship for Master Degree from Ministry of Research and Technology – Republic of Indonesia (2010-2012)
  • The Best Participant (researcher) on The Training of Research Method and Data Processing, Center for Education and Training Development, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (2009)
  • The Best Undergraduate Student Award, Faculty of Social and Politics, Sebelas Maret University (2006) 

  • Community Development Academy Alumni from the University of Missouri Extension
  • Writing essays and articles (more than 40 articles published in the local and national newspaper (written in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Citizen Journalist NET TV (10 video was published since 2016)
  • Familiar with computer program and statistics software (Excel, SPSS, STATA),
  • Knowledgeable with bibliometrics software and application (VOSviewer, CRExplorer, CitNetExplorer)
  • Active user of Social Network Analysis software (NodeXL Pro, Gephi, UCINET)
  • Basic in R Programming and Net Logo for Computational Modelling
  • Passionate with videography and photography (editing with Movavi).

  • Community Development Academy (Course 1): Building Community from Grassroots, September 2016
  • Community Development Academy (Course 2): Empowering Communities for the Future, March 26-30, 2018
  • Community Development Academy (Course 3): Creating Capacity for Dynamic Community, September 18-22, 2017
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) I (Geog 7840)
  • Social Statistics (RU_SOC 7120)
  • American Community Studies (RU_SOC 7325)
  • Social Change & Development (RU_SOC 7335)
  • Community Social Structure (RU_SOC 7446)
  • Community, Natural Resources, and Sustainability (RU_SOC 8436)
  • Seminar on Agriculture, Food, and Community (RU_SOC 8444)
  • Community Survey Research (RU_SOC 9480)
  • Advanced Social Statistics (Sociol 8130)
  • Research Methods & Design (RU_SOC 8510)
  • Seminar on Sustainable Development (RU_SOC 8287)
  • Synthesis Theory & Method (RU_SOC 9437)
  • Introduction To Game Theory (ECONOM_ 7340)
  • Advanced Research Method for Public Affairs II (Pub_AF 9181)
  • Qualitative Research Method (AG_ED_LD 8540)
  • Seminar Social Theory I (Sociol 9187)
  • Seminar Social Theory II 

  • Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling, Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, USA

  • 80th Annual Meeting of The Rural Sociological Society, OHIO, July 27-30, 2017 (poster presentation) 
  • Graduate Conference: “The Future of Food Studies”, Washington University in St. Louis, October 19-21, 2017 (oral presentation)
  • WERA 1010 annual meeting/conference, Tucson, Arizona (February, 2018)
  • 81th Annual Meeting of The Rural Sociological Society, Portland, OregonJuly 26-29, 2018 (oral & poster presentation) 

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